The mission of Mind Learners Transformational Coaching Program  ( is to prepare exceptional coaches, who will become capable of facilitating profound transformation for the organizations they serve or people they will work with. The instructors are ICF accredited coaches who believe that a true coach is one who can offer others the priceless gift of being “undissappointable” and make it their mission to prepare participants in the program to become just that. This program is particularly designed for senior leaders who believe that coaching is a means of transforming their teams and organizations and aspire to coach at a professional level in the companies they work for. 

Since 2015, we have been selecting individuals who are deeply motivated not to do coaching, but to become compassionate, dedicated, outstanding coaches. Our participants are senior managers or professionals who have both the maturity and the determination to take the knowledge they receive further and become change agents in the world around them.

It is our belief that one cannot instill change if one has not undergone change themselves. This is why the program places great emphasis on self-awareness and our instructors provide individual coaching to each participant, in addition to all the feed-forward and mentoring on their coaching skills.  This ensures that our coaches have had, first and foremost, a transformative experience as a coachee. 

There are over one hundred graduates from the program so far, and many have gone on to create transformational projects in their own teams or companies. Many deep friendships have been born from the shared experience of the coaching school and beautiful cross-organizational initiatives have been built by former graduates deciding to work together in meaningful ways. To our great joy, this program has become the cradle in which a beautiful community of conscious leaders has been nurtured and, as the years have gone by, this community has grown and taken a life of its own. 

Built in accordance with the guidelines and competencies of the International Coach Federation, and approved by ICF at ACSTH levelthis program has a unique structure, revolving around three pillars: Mind, Heart and Spirit. It brings together a unique blend of concepts from neuroscience, psychology and transpersonal coaching to offer participants a comprehensive view of what coaching can be.

This is a challenging, fascinating journey through the complexity of human transformation. At the end of the program, each participant will have identified and formulated their unique coaching approach and will be supported to set it into practice.

Because of the exceptional amount of one on one coaching, mentoring and feedback included in the program (130 hours of face to face training and mentoring and over 160 hours of study overall), we aim to keep the groups small – a maximum of 12 participants. Entry into the program is subject to an admission process consisting of a detailed discussion with the facilitators to determine the intention and motivation of potential participants to enter this learning journey and make sure we find the right fit with the rest of the group and with the mission and vision of this program. The program runs twice per year - February to June and September to December in Bucharest, Romania (in Romanian) and in Brisbane, Australia (in English). Exact dates for each intake are set individually with each group of participants once the admission process is over. Payment terms and refund conditions are discussed individually with each participant and set into a legal contract to be signed upon admission. 

​You can find the detailed agenda and other information in the link below. 

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