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I have always loved people, getting to know them, understanding them and accompanying them on their growth journeys. I could say that this is how I chose my profession and career, but I think they actually chose me and I chose to listen to my inner calling to suport people to reach their higher potential. And each person I have ever worked with has accompanied me, on my on journey.

I am a coach, a trainer, a facilitator of transformative experiences, both individual and at team and organizational level. My mission is to create safe spaces where people can get to know themselves better, to find their huge inner strength, to access the resources they need and to take the necessary steps to turn their objectives and intentions into reality, in a natural and stress free way. I deeply believe that with each person that becomes happier, more calm, more self aware, more aligned with their values and in contact with their own mission, we are one step closer to a better world. Also, I believe that with each organization that supports the growth process of its employees and whose leadership team makes a real priority of a healthy organizational culture, we are closer to a more conscious, high functioning society, based on values and collaboration.

I have studied sociology and I got an entry level job in a multinational company while I was still a student. I worked in the corporate world for 17 years, during which I held several roles, all about working with people. For 13 years I held different leadership positions, I worked with internal and external customers, I recruited, trained and contribuited to the development of hundreds of people who were part of my teams. I handled projects and processes, I closed activities in some cities and reopened them in others, with minimum impact on business KPIs. During these years, I have grown and learned more than it is possible in any school. While working for the corporation, I met the first trainers who, besides talking to me about important things such as performance, KPIs, return on investment, stakeholders, customer care, also spoke to me about other things, just as important: coaching, strengths, development, emotions, getting to know myself and the people on my teams. I will always be grateful for these things, because they made me take the first steps towards my mission and what I do today.

Learning new things has always been very important to me. I am a licenced NLP Master and trainer and, because I have always been fascinated with coaching, I took the opportunity to study it more when the right school for me appeared; so I joined the very first group of students of the Mind Learners Coaching Scool and, two years later, I became a facilitator of the school program, which is a project very dear to my heart. I am certified by the International Coach Federation as Associate Certified Coach and also as an Evolutionary Coaching and Culture Transformation Tools Consultant, by the Barrett Values Centre. At present, I study integrative psychotherapy.

If you want to know more about me and my story, please visit the Blog section. My professional profile can also be accessed on LinkedIN.