I believe that each organization has an important role in the lives of the customers it serves, in the lives of its employees, but also in the community and the society as a whole. Its impact comes from the quality of the products and services it offers, but also from the health of the organizational culture it builds. The organizational culture represents all aspects of the environment in which the employees work, grow, are inspired and motivated to contribuite to the company's success. Happy, inspired and motivated employees have great positive energy that helps the organization, but that they also take with them outside, in their day to day lives.

In order to create a healthy organizational culture, the leadership team has a crucial role, because leaders inspire the people in their teams and help them grow. Which is exactly why I concieved the Evolutionary Leadership Program as a journey of introspection, self-discovery and growth, meant also to give participants an atlas of tools they can use in order to develop their teams.

In addition to the Evolutionary Leadership Program, I concieved other workshops and growth experiences that can be of service to any employee, because the success of a company depends on each of its people.

Also, I support my corporate clients with coaching, consultancy and mentoring sessions, for individual members or for teams. During these sessions, we tackle issues that are unique or personal and that support each individual or team on their way to their goals.

Evolutionary Leadership Program

The program is a development journey for leaders, which takes place over a few months. It contains workshops and individual coaching sessions, which support the leadership team in generating performance, building high functioning collaborative teams and making employees feel valued, inspired and confident in their own power. The program is build taking into consideration the latest discoveries in neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness and it combines theory and concepts with exercises and practice. The goal is to support leaders to grow their conciousness level and to become change agents withing the organization.



Organizations don't change, people do

The corporate workshops are designed to suit the needs of each client organization. Therefore, every workshop has a unique structure, tailored after a detailed discussion with the organization representative, about the needs that need to be met.


Executive Coaching/ Team Coaching

Coaching is one of the most powerful evolution instruments. It is a partnership between the coach and the customer. In this partnership, the coach compassionately creates a safe space for the customer to feel understood and heard, so that he or she can set clear objectives, to analyze the present situation and to find the means and resources necessary in order to maximize his or her potential, both professionally and personally. It involves a lot of questions and mirroring, with the help of which the coach challenges the client’s old thinking patterns and limiting beliefs, in order to make room for new perspectives, ideas and supporting beliefs.


Consulting and Mentoring

I work with leaders on subjects like organizational culture, learning and development strategies, leadership quality boost, working with top performers and top talents and increasing customer experience.