I have conceived this program step by step, over the years, while testing methods and ways to generate performance, while, at the same time, creating an attrative and engaging work environment, where people want to work, have initiatives, feel valued and confident in their own power and find their purpose.

The program consists of in class workshops and individual coaching and mentoring sessions in order to support the transformation purpose. It is built taking into consideration the science behind how adults learn, meaning the four pillars: sensing, integrating, acting, embedding. The theoretical part contains concepts from neuroscience, psychology, sociology, which help understand the way the human brain, emotions, thinking patterns, fears work. The practical part consists of exercises and instruments which are meant to help the participants master theri emotions, thought and patterns, to get to know themselves better, to communicate clearly, to realize what is important for them and to form new habits that are useful and supportive of their objectives. These are the sensing and integrating stages. In the acting and embedding stages, the participants are individually supported through coaching and mentoring to bring into their daily lives, at work and at home, the new perspectives and habits, in order to generate transformation for the people they work with and for the organization.

Taking part in this program will lead to the development of many abilities, among which are the following:

  • understanding and mastering their own emotions, patterns and fears, but also those of the people in their teams;
  • communicating effectively and with compassion in order to get the desired results;
  • suporting the people in their teams, through coaching and mentoring, so that they cand find their own strengths and resources and inspiring them to use these effectively;
  • mindfully master their own stress levels and staying calm under pressure; helping others do the same;
  • recruiting and selecting the best people for the team and the organization and reducing employee turnover;
  • early identifying signs of decreased motivation and engagement in themselved and their team and acting before this leads to performance decrease and prolongued unhappiness;
  • forming and leading high functioning independent teams, with strong collaboration skills;
  • formulating their own ambitious objectives, beyond those established at organization level and acting as change agents in the organization;
  • inspiring the people they work with, so that they, themselves can grow and contribuite to the development of the organization.

I believe that, before implementing such a complex program, a prior assessment is necessary, in order to determin the initial state of the team and the organization. This way, we cand adjust the contents to the unique needs of each team. For more details, please contact me and we can talk more.